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Africa Web Sites. BBC: The Story of Africa Complete a South African Web scavenger hunt and create class presentations about South Africa and Zimbabwe. You can also practice your test-taking skills on document-based essay questions (DBQs), with the option of e-mailing answers directly to your teacher for review.

Library Scavenger Hunt. Directions: Read the whole assignment. This assignment does not need to be completed in chronological order. Keep in mind question #8 should be completed before class time is.

Western Web Style Guide. Workshop Grids. APAStyle_ week 5 task ed scavenger hunt student version. periodic table basics.

periodic trends chemistry. rubric for essay. scavenger hunt. rubric for powerpoint. learning outcomes for web. scavenger hunt.

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Student's Name: PowerPoint Presentation Rubric. Essay on Scavenger Hunt; Essay on Scavenger Hunt. Words Oct 16th, 5 Pages. Name Instructor Class Highlight a word or words and link to the web site Where the answer is located.) 1.

Who was the president of the Confederate States of America? UNV Online Scavenger Hunt Essay Words | 4 Pages. May 12,  · Your Source Scavenger Hunt will be due on March 24th.

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This assignment is going to require you simply IDENTIFY potential sources for your final paper. You will not need to read them deeply for this portion of the project, although that will be coming soon.

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This work of SCI Week 1 Assignment Scavenger Hunt consists of: 1. List the two goals of Healthy People List two options available for accessing information on the page of 3.

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