Student timetable system

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Student Guide

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Student Information Access System Please enter your student number, student PIN and date of birth in the fields below and click the Continue button to access your NMU student record.

Please make sure that you enter the full year for your birthday. There are two ways for a student to use the system.

Timetable Management System Class Diagram

Personal Timetables - Providing that you have registered modules for /19 and have enrolled (or preregistred if you are a new student) you will be able to see your personal timetable by entering your network login and usual password at the log in prompt and then clicking 'Personal'.

The Student Timetabling System (STS) is used to view your class timetable and create your personal timetable by selecting a class group for each course.

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration) is a personalised timetabling system that allows students in campus based units to register online for classes and seminars etc. Programme Timetables.

Personal timetables

CMIS go (timetabling system) is now live, if you are a first time user of the system please access the user guide and video information section and watch the short training videos in advance of logging into the system.

Conservatorium of Music Students - For timetabling information, please refer to the Conservatorium Student Resources Medicine Students - School of Medicine timetables are available in MyLO a week before semester begins Nursing Students - Nursing will allocate your Tutorial Groups, please refer to the Tutorial Allocation System website for further information.

Student timetable system
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