Preparing for life after school

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Preparing For Life After School

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Soft Skills: Preparing Kids for Life After School

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Topic: Preparing for High Wage Jobs (Page 3) Lesson Procedures (Continued) High School Only 4. The students will research two jobs that they are interested in.

Welcome to the Internet home of Santa Cruz Valley High School District, where our Dust Devil’s motto is “Think, Learn, Succeed.” We are dedicated to preparing students to meet the academic- and work-based standards demanded in the 21st Century by creating an environment that is challenging and nurturing.

Want to Know More? Find out if any of your schools accept the Common Application (more than schools do!). This universal application is available to 1st year and transfer students.

Preparing Students for Life after High School

Visit FastWeb® to learn some ways you can make your application stand out.; After you submit your application, consider scheduling an interview, so the admissions team can get to know you even better. Inspire. Help students cultivate a vision of what’s possible for their future and harness their talents to thrive in college, career and life.

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We spend countless hours writing final essays and preparing for exams, to the point that our life as a student becomes second nature. If you’re like me, it is a part of your identity.

So the idea of graduating and leaving school behind can be scary.

Preparing for life after school
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