Assessing a student

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Assessing a Student's Level

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Assessing A Student's Level

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Rubrics: Useful Assessment Tools

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To assess a student's instructional level in Spanish, use printable versions of the Spanish Benchmark Passages, or Pasajes estándar. Review About Running Records to learn about the details of scoring an online or printed running record.

student’s abilities, interests and appropriate career directions. The development of career assessment portfolios is a good way to gather and store assessment information so the. Where do we want students to be at the end of a course or a program?

And how will we know if they get there? Those two questions are at the heart of assessment. How to Assess Students’ Learning and Performance. Learning takes place in students’ heads where it is invisible to others. This means that learning must be assessed through performance: what students can do with their learning.

Assessing students’ performance can involve assessments that are formal or informal, high- or low-stakes, anonymous or public, individual or collective. Part 1: Start with Benchmark Passages & Running Records or Benchmark Books & Running Records (Levels aa-J).Select a passage or book that best approximates a student's reading level.

Use the running records that accompany each passage or book to score a student's reading behavior. Assessing A Student's Level Three-Part Process 1 Students record themselves reading aloud Benchmark Passages or Benchmark Books (Levels aa-J) and send recordings to your In Basket, which you access through your Kids A-Z management hub.

Assessing a student
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